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Governance Documentation

Good governance is essential to any public body, and SWestrans has developed a series of governance documents to ensure the effective management of the organisation.

The key governance documents for SWestrans are as follows:

Standing Orders June 2022 (Sept 2022 update) (PDF) [188KB] (opens new window)

Regulation of proceedings and business of SWestrans.

SWestrans Financial Regulations and Financial Codes (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

Financial Regulations and Financial Codes set out the responsibilities of the Officers of SWestrans and provide a framework for financial administration.

SWestrans Procurement Standing Orders 2024 (PDF) [690KB] (opens new window)

This governance sets clear rules for the procurement of goods, works and services for SWestrans.

This ensures SWestrans complies with their legal obligations, as well as obtaining best value for money.

SWestrans Board Members Code of Conduct 2022 (PDF) [290KB] (opens new window)

Code of Conduct for all Board Members to ensure they meet the expectations of the public.

On Board: A Guide for Board Members of Public Bodies in Scotland (PDF) [1MB] (opens new window)

A guide written by the Scottish Government for all new Board Members.

Download the Guidance for Observers (PDF) [139KB]

Guidance for Partnership Observers.

Download the complaints policy (PDF) [160KB] (opens new window)

South West of Scotland Transport Partnership complaints policy

Annual Report 2022-23 (PDF) [594KB] (opens new window)

Annual Report 2022-23 Appendix (PDF) [191KB] (opens new window)

SWestrans Annual Report 

Community Participation Request Annual Report 2023-24 (PDF) [47KB] (opens new window)

Community Participation Requests Annual Reporting 

Asset Transfer Requests Annual Report 2023-24 (PDF) [92KB] (opens new window)

Asset Transfer Requests Annual Reporting 


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